Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Sheila and I were the guests at Toastmasters

We brought our husbands and we all were so impressed with how well our guys communicate. From composing a song to the perfect first date to a talk on Shakespeare, it was a terrific morning spent at JPRU. They even managed to get me to give an impromptu speech.
These inmates never cease to amaze us. There is so much potential.
So many of the Toastmasters came forward to thank us for the gift of books. They really do appreciate this small gift.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In appreciation

Sheila and Lea, thanks for giving so graciously of your time.
And to Ann Hosmer, I really appreciate Powel Excel's efforts at getting our Knitting Behind Bars Project established. Without your effort, Ann, I would still be wandering around trying to sell this excellent idea.
To all the knitter at the Columbia Sip and Knit, I thank you for collecting and passing on all of those books. You cannot know how greatful the men are having these books. If you are housecleaning and looking to rid yourself of magazines in addition to any books you have, think about sending them our way as well. We will be careful to remove all personal information.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Comfort Doll photos to share

We have ten completed Comfort Dolls, all finished with faces and hair and many 5 or 7 more that need finishing. I marvel at how unique and special these dolls are becoming.
We are eager to plan a reception where these Comfort Dolls can be presented to the first responders.
Some of our knitters will be writing stories to accomply each doll into the hands of a traumatized child.