Friday, April 29, 2011

Wish we still could bring a camera.

I'll try to describe tonight as best I can. The 20 male inmates came into our space, quickly and quietly. They gathered up their project bags, and just like knitters everywhere, they sat down and began knitting. The quiet and order belies the setting, after all this is jail and these men are all incarcerated.
Before our two hour session ended we looked over where four guys had gathered around one another in a circle. They were intently knitting and we marveled at their concentration. Now these guys are some of our roughest ones, most in need of some anger management therapy but there they all were quiet and polite, knitting and purling and happy as clams. I suspect there are more tattoos per square inch here than anywhere in the world! And best yet, as it was time to clean up and clear out, Speedy, was, like any knitter anywhere, pleading for "just one more row!"
Wish we were still allowed to bring in our camera.....