Tuesday, November 29, 2011


From Facebook to Vogue Knitting to California, the Baltimore Sun article written by Jill Rosen began a whirlwind media blitz that will absolutely thrilli our knitters. A fan , Kathy, from Mercy Hospital, is making photo copies for all the guys. Calls from a nun, a couple of teachers, my sister of course, a cousin of mine who wants to make the project into a Broadway musical, all have been appreciated.


Many knitters , who are notoriously the most generous people, have wanted to donate yarn. Wish we could say yes to all, but we have some very specific requirements. It must be Vanna's Choice, take that Deborah Norville, new complete skeins, and bright colors. The guys are partial to a manly black....ugh.

Our biggest restriction is space. We used to have a supply closet for on site storage, but lately have had to check all supplies in and out every week. So it's a matter of space and taking time away from our allotted 2 hours.

In addition we have received some cash donations, which are always appreciated, because we try to send each former offender a knitting care package, with the hope that he'll continue practicing the zen of knitting. I told Sheila, I'll handle the woo woo, and she'll handle the cash!

Thank you all for you support.


  1. Just read the article in the GOOD newsletter -- this is AWESOME. Not gonna lie... the fact that someone went out of their way and went gung-ho to start a program like this, it kinda brought a goofy grin to my face. Between that, and the fact that the program is actually a big success (will props to the dudes who take part), this kinda bolsters my faith in people :)

  2. Why does it need to be Vanna's Choice? Just curious :) I am a knitter too with a HUGE yarn stash and would be happy to help with donations. Can I get some more info about how to send stuff in?

  3. I just read a great article about what you're doing, and I think it is great. Keep it up. In addition to the "knitting zen" I hope that gives each inmate a small spark of inspiration of "what else can I learn to do? What else can I create?"

    Keep up the good work.

  4. This is amazing. I'm a knitter, and I get excited when anybody picks up this craft and starts to love it, but for you all to have successfully introduced this into the lives of prisoners...my heart is filled with gladness! Please let me know where I can send the Vanna's Choice (oh, I cannot wait for these guys to learn about other yarns when they are released!), because I and my knit group would love to help.

  5. I just read about Knitting Behind Bars on laughingsquid.com. I can't tell you (but I assume you can imagine) how my heart swelled when I read about your work.

    I am a firm believer that prisoners don't need, nor does society benefit from, punishment. Every single crime contains an element of pain. Every prisoner is suffering from pain. Prisoners released from custody can be so much more successful if they have received love and been given the tools to love others, a skill that can help a man to learn to love himself.

    Thank you for loving these men and giving them the tools to love others.

    I want to know how to donate funds to Knitting Behind Bars and I want to share that info on Facebook and Google Plus. Can you direct me?

    Most sincerely yours.

  6. Cat Bordhi shared a link on FB to the Baltimore Sun article. I work in an LYS and know first hand what knitting can do for the heart. I'd never heard of KBB but am inspired by the work you do. Are there chapters elsewhere? Is there information on how to organize one? I'd be interested. Thanks for all you've done to help these people find something positive in their lives.

  7. I read about your group through Facebook on the Good website, and I'd like to donate. However, when I followed the link to Etsy, I wasn't confident that it was actually an Etsy store for you. It's called "Coppatina" and shows hand forged/made jewelry. Can you explain? I searched "knitting behind bars" on Etsy and got nothing.

    Anyway, what you're doing is really wonderful. Thank you.

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  9. I read about Knitting Behind Bars via a website, the HairPin (check out their comments!) and was so impressed by the perseverance that went into getting it up and running. Keep up the fantastic work, you have inspired me to return to volunteering sooner than later. =)