Tuesday, November 29, 2011


From Facebook to Vogue Knitting to California, the Baltimore Sun article written by Jill Rosen began a whirlwind media blitz that will absolutely thrilli our knitters. A fan , Kathy, from Mercy Hospital, is making photo copies for all the guys. Calls from a nun, a couple of teachers, my sister of course, a cousin of mine who wants to make the project into a Broadway musical, all have been appreciated.


Many knitters , who are notoriously the most generous people, have wanted to donate yarn. Wish we could say yes to all, but we have some very specific requirements. It must be Vanna's Choice, take that Deborah Norville, new complete skeins, and bright colors. The guys are partial to a manly black....ugh.

Our biggest restriction is space. We used to have a supply closet for on site storage, but lately have had to check all supplies in and out every week. So it's a matter of space and taking time away from our allotted 2 hours.

In addition we have received some cash donations, which are always appreciated, because we try to send each former offender a knitting care package, with the hope that he'll continue practicing the zen of knitting. I told Sheila, I'll handle the woo woo, and she'll handle the cash!

Thank you all for you support.