Saturday, January 7, 2012

Look for Knitting Behind Bars on Facebook


  1. I find knitting to be a wonderfully relaxing and meditative activity. Just counting and recounting the stitches in a pattern is like reciting a mantra: and you have something pretty to wear or look at when you're done! A lot of men used to knit - Irish sailors and fishermen certainly did. I wish you all the best in your knitting and in doing well when you're able to get out.

  2. We will certainly share your good wishes with our knitters behind the wall. We've told them about the fishermen and also aout guys in the foxholes kniing socks. Some have actually said that they think they were born to knit.

  3. We are the knit graffiti collaborative Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) and have a project that calls for covering the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, CA in crocheted granny squares in May 2013.

    We currently have about 350 participants collaborating with us on this project but would like to expand the scope of our outreach to include incarcerated individuals and create a platform for them to be part of a museum project. The deadline to enter the project is March 1st.

    This is a community-based project that anyone can contribute to, and that anyone walking on the street can enjoy. The project is designed to bring together a community of artists and crafters who otherwise might not have had access to exhibit their work in a museum. On a conceptual level it aims to question the boundaries between art and craft, use scale and color to play with artistic, architectural and institutional identities.

    Interested parties may:
    -sign up at
    -follow the development of the project on our facebook page
    -OR join us for another project of ours and suggest phrases to be written out in urban environment at

    Arzu, for YBLA