Monday, December 14, 2009

Smaller crowd, all are knitting or almost knitting

Thursday we had an additional volunteer, sip and knit's own Lea Hiers, so there were four volunteers. Sheila took those needing more lessons, Lea had those as well. JoAnna circulated but mostly stayed with her buddy from BCDC. Ann opened up the session with a guilded imagery and some music and guess what? It worked. The smaller crowd immediately calmed down and allowed the few minutes of centering to work.
Lynn took the ones who had knit just a bit the last time.
But the very best was that one of our participants, volunteered to teach his fellow inmates how to crochet.
I looked around and all, every single guy was actively knitting and intent upon beginning to make our Comfort Dolls.
Those learning to crochet were circled around our volunteer making circles. Yes circles.
Just having our inmate volunteer has made this project a success!

Thanks to the volunteers and a goodbye to JoAnna who will be traveling but who will also continue her Knitting Behind Bars program in the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Ann went home and began practising and she has now officially joined the ranks of the knitters!

Thursday we'll arrive again and hopefully some of the dolls will be underway.

Hopefully Ann will take some photos and I will post them here.

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