Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 dolls are now complete

We have completed 4 or 5 Comfort Dolls. Photos are problematic. It's a prision after all. But we have consent forms and hopefully I will be able to post photos soon.

One of our participants told me how much, no kidding, how much this knitting behind bars has changed his attitude and relationships. I accuse them of kissing up to me, but many have told me that they have shared their knitting stories with wives, oh, okay, their old ladies, and grandmothers. One of my favorites, Mr. Cheeseball (they all have nick names)told me his wife went to his probation hearing and told them he has been knitting.

Sheila, Lea and I all admit that going to our project is a highlight of our week.
It's just so simple and so gratifying.

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